Secure your systems to increase cyber resilience

Don’t leave security to chance. Build, test, remediate. We will discuss your security concerns and help define a valid scope of work to provide the best possible outcome for your business.

Don’t leave security to chance. Build, test, remediate

Weaknesses within network systems, websites, cloud environments etc. can lead to cyber attackers gaining access to data and resources.  This can lead to disruption, damage, or reputational and financial impact

Our assessments will help you reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber attack by pre-emptively identifying vulnerabilities and building a remediation plan.  Both small and large businesses across all sectors rely heavily on technology to run their business, our technical assessments look for both known and unknown vulnerabilities that may negatively impact your systems.  We will discuss your security concerns and help define a valid scope of work to provide the best possible outcome for your business.

Why North Green Security

Our technical assessments are conducted in a safe, controlled manner to identify vulnerabilities and simulate a cyber attack. After our assessments, we produce reports tailored to your specific concerns that include evidence of any security findings and recommendations to reduce or remove the risk of a successful attack.  This allows you to create and prioritise your follow up actions to increase security.

Vulnerability scanning:

Networks grow and become more complex over time.  It is important to understand the security posture of the entire environment

Vulnerability scanning is a key activity that provides quick visibility of known issues and prioritisation advice for remediation plans

Infrastructure assessment:

The underlying infrastructure is the backbone of a corporation.  Infrastructure assessments probe the environment for system, software or configuration weaknesses that could be leveraged as part of an attack.

Using the same tools and techniques as attackers, vulnerabilities will be identified before they are exploited as part of an attack and remediation advice will be provided.

Web application assessment:

Web applications, especially those that are internet facing, typically provide a large attack surface for cyber criminals.  By taking a user-centric view of an application, we are able to map the site and understand key avenues of attack.

If attackers can compromise applications, it is possible that significant client or personal data may become compromised.  To ensure all potential methods of attack are assessed, the logical workflow and functionality of the application will be reviewed to ensure complete coverage.

Mobile application assessment:

A more mobile workforce requires more mobile applications. As solutions that were previously purely web applications port their offerings to mobile devices it is important to make sure that security does not take a back seat.

By conducting an assessment of the application along with static and dynamic analysis of iOS and Android applications it is possible to identify vulnerabilities that can compromise data security on both the mobile phone, and backend server.

Cloud assessment:

By moving to the cloud companies can reduce the traditional risks old and outdated systems posed.  However badly configured cloud environments can leak information and system access to the wider internet.

Due to the fast paced nature of cloud infrastructure and the constant evolution of technology it is possible to be unaware of settings that need to be reviewed to ensure the desired level of security.  By assessing external access, internal configurations, and hybrid communication it is possible to reduce the risks of using services such as AWS and Azure

Wireless assessment:

Wireless networks lack the physical protections that cabled environments benefit from. As such it is common for company networks to extend far beyond the physical boundaries of an office.

Testing focusses on ensuring that appropriate encryption standards are used to protect data as it traverses the network while also ensuring that any access control or network segregation has been sufficiently implemented.

Scenario based testing:

While testing of individual systems and solutions can be broken down into a specific activity (wireless testing, application testing, etc.), scenario testing replicates a real world attack by leveraging multiple skillsets to identify the realistic path an attacker may take to compromise an environment or company.

When hackers attack, they don’t stick singular techniques, this kind of testing provides a richer level of value by identifying key assets that may be vulnerable to attack.

Where we are

Based out of the cyber hub that is Cheltenham, we ensure new entrants to the industry, cyber security professionals and internal teams are able to develop and understand the risks posed by cyber security.  We maintain our skills through our work testing both government and private sector companies to identify are remediate security concerns.