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Course pricing


We know that no one likes to be surprised or have to search for pricing information.  The below provides a list of our training courses.  Our technical assessments vary depending on the size, scale and complexity of each engagement.  A typical assessment could vary between three and ten days and would have a rough cost between £2,500 and £12,000.  As a company that values transparency, we want you to understand what could lead to these costs and recommend you view our blog post discussing technical assessment costs.

Our Cyber Security as a Service subscription pricing can be found here.

And our Online elearning platform North Green Academy has pricing details here.

Cyber Security Courses

Course Pricing

Intro to Forensics £1000 (Inc VAT)
Intro to Pentesting£1000 (Inc VAT)
Forensic Practitioner£1800 (Inc VAT)
Pentesting Practitioner£1800 (Inc VAT)
Advanced Application Testing£2400 (Inc VAT)
Advanced Infrastructure Testing£2400 (Inc VAT)
Wireless Testing£1000 (Inc VAT)
Active Directory Testing£2000 (Inc VAT)
Technical Workshops£600 (Inc VAT)