Managed Cyber Security Services

Continuous engagement for consistent progress

Building unique plans for each business as all companies have unique challenges.

Building unique plans for each business

All companies have unique challenges, we can reduce the workload of your team by working with you in a flexible way to increase your efficiency.

We offer both Vulnerability Management and Virtual Training as managed service offerings.

Vulnerability Management:

Identifying vulnerabilities is the first step to improving security but managing vulnerabilities is the journey all network teams are on.

Weekly or monthly vulnerability scans allow companies to keep track of the security posture of their environment and understand the progress of remediation plans.  By working with clients to understand acceptable risk appetite, customised reports are produced detailing any issues identified and providing a road map of prioritised actions.  This ensures that there is consistent oversight of the progress being made to secure the company and that it is possible to create success metrics that can be communicated to project managers and board members. By removing the burden of conducting these scans and analysing the output, IT teams are able to focus their attention on remediation and other tasks.

Virtual Trainer:

Onboarding and training penetration testers is a challenge.  Each organisation requires its staff to have a different range of skills to become a valued member of the team and taking senior testers off of client facing work to teach these can be costly.  The virtual trainer allows managers to implement a custom training plan for their staff in an efficient and cost effective way by removing the need to create training resources and using experienced trainers.

Trainers work with companies to understand training needs and through a blend of face-to-face, remote, practical, theory, and self-study activities, empower clients to reach their goals.

Through this structured training, it is possible to reduce the time and cost associated with getting new penetration testers to a level of competency where they are billable or able to obtain recognised qualifications such as CHECK Team Member.

Where we are

Based out of the cyber hub that is Cheltenham, we ensure new entrants to the industry, cyber security professionals and internal teams are able to develop and understand the risks posed by cyber security.  We maintain our skills through our work testing both government and private sector companies to identify are remediate security concerns.

Why North Green Security

Our technical assessments are conducted in a safe, controlled manner to identify vulnerabilities and simulate a cyber-attack. After our assessments, we produce reports tailored to your specific concerns that include evidence of any security findings and recommendations to reduce or remove the risk of a successful attack.  This allows you to create and prioritise your follow up actions to increase security.