Advanced infrastructure testing

Progress your career by training for a UK Government recognised qualification and become a CHECK Team Leader

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The advanced infrastructure testing course is designed to develop a penetration tester into a highly skilled and valuable consultant.

Candidates will explore realistic multi-tiered lab environments that leverage a range of technologies and systems.  The course provides a safe and secure environment to learn and develop skills such as privilege escalation, pivoting and active directory attacks.

Through our links with the exam body “The Cyber Scheme”, we have been able to produce a syllabus that ensures candidates learn a range of skills to demonstrate their competency at the CHECK Team Leader level.

This course is delivered by highly qualified trainers and will provide candidates with the opportunity to hone their technique when it comes to hands on penetration testing.

Candidates are taught different methods of compromise and privilege escalation that will enable them to provide higher value for clients and demonstrate their skill during exams.

Both practical and theory based training are used in this course to ensure that not only do candidates possess the technical skills to attack a network, but also the consulting skills to be able to understand how this would impact a client and to recommend appropriate remedial steps to reduce the risk of an attack.

Our lab guide will ensure that all tasks are broken down into manageable steps that guide candidates through the exercises.

Who is the course for?

  • Those looking to explore a career in a SOC or take on an active role securing their work/home/institution’s network
  • Penetration Testers
  • Those preparing for CHECK Team Leader exams
  • Security Analysts

Course modules

All the available modules within the Advanced Application Testing Course:

Why North Green Security

With over 15 years’ experience in the cyber security industry, the North Green Security training team is able to bring real world scenarios into the classroom. Our training team are highly skilled and have achieved CHECK Team Leader Infrastructure & Application qualifications themselves. By ensuring our trainers are still responsible for delivering security engagements for clients, our training is constantly adapted to reflect the ever-changing landscape of the cyber security industry.

We have a real passion for our subject and genuinely care that candidates understand what they are learning. We provide a community feel that enables candidates to feel at ease and we promote an environment where any questions can be asked and will be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training?

Training is on site in our Cheltenham based training centre

Is there an exam?

There is no exam for this course

How long is it?

This course is 4 days

How much?

£2,400 (incl VAT)

Other things to note

Is lunch included?

Yes lunch is included

Ready to get started?

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