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Partner with North Green Security to benefit from highly skilled consultants and bespoke training pathways for your team.

Partner overview

At North Green Security, we understand the value of long-term relationships and how these help our partners grow their consultancy capability and cyber resilience.

Are you concerned about the safety of your personal information and your company’s data? In today’s digital age, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, leaving individuals and organizations vulnerable to security breaches. This is where our cybersecurity company comes in.

By partnering with our company, you will have access to a team of experts who specialize in protecting against cyber threats. We offer a range of services that are tailored to your specific needs, from network security to data protection and everything in between. Our team has years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of protection.

Why should you partner with us?

Dedicated management:

As a partner, we want your team to be the best it possibly can.  We provide dedicated support to understand the key goals of your business and create plans to ensure your staff have the skills needed.

Increase in billable time:

Training consultants takes time.  Whether it’s time spent creating learning resources or time spent away from billable projects.  Let us take care of the creation and delivery of necessary training and get your staff the skills and qualifications needed.

We have the expertise:

As a training company recognised by industry bodies, we have a proven track record of high quality training.  Our trainers are practicing consultants who are able to supplement training with real world scenarios and examples.


Our partners are able to customise how their team are trained and leverage our resources and capability into completely tailor-made progression plans

Multiple learning methods:

Everyone learns differently, don’t depend on training plans that rely on one method of delivery.  Utilise our practical lab environments, self-study academy, face-to-face training, and group mentoring to train your team efficiently.

Additional consulting resources

We appreciate that at times our partners may need ad-hoc support to deliver on client projects.  Partners have access to highly skilled consultants to supplement their teams should the need arise.