Pentesting Practitioner

A penetration testing training course designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to be a security consultant. This course will help consultants consolidate knowledge and techniques, while also providing much needed preparation for exams such as Cyber Scheme Team Member.

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The Pentesting Practitioner training course is designed develop consultants by applying their fundamental knowledge, and put it into practice with real world scenarios.

Through our links with the exam body “The Cyber Scheme”, we have been able to produce a syllabus that ensures candidates learn all the skills required to be a valued member of a CHECK Team, and that they are fully prepared to CHECK Team Member qualifications such as CSTM

This course is delivered by highly qualified trainers and will provide candidates with the opportunity to learn how to conduce a security assessment of networks and websites using a range of tools and techniques.

Candidates are taught how to identify the attack surface of a target, exploit vulnerabilities, and take advantage of misconfigurations.

Our lab guide will ensure that all tasks are broken down into manageable steps that guide candidates through the exercises

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